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Stump Grinding in South Jersey

Stump Grinding in Camden County, NJ

Get rid of that unsightly tree stump with our stump grinding service in South Jersey.

Whether you are going through the tree removal process right now, or you have an existing tree stump on your property, we have the best equipment in the industry to grind your stump and flatten your yard.

This is especially important when you have kids running around with a large stump and root system.

The resulting wood chips from the stump can be used by you as a mulch or we can haul away so they are out of sight and mind.

3 Reasons for Stump Grinding & Removal:

  • Dead Tree – Nothing will grow back, and a mass of wood takes a long time to rot, so it’s purpose is minimal
  • Rotting Wood – Once it begins to breakdown, it becomes a breeding ground for ants, termites and rodents
  • Property Value – A stump is a safety hazard for adults, kids and lawnmowers

Don’t wait any longer, have B&B Tree Service, Inc. come out to your South Jersey home today to discuss our stump grinding capabilities and how we can help you!

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