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Tree Services in South Jersey

B&B Tree Service, Inc. is the #1 trusted tree company in South Jersey for residential homeowners and commercial properties!

Here is a list of the tree services we provide to you.
Cutting down tree removal

Tree Removal

You might need to remove a tree for a number of reasons. Maybe it’s dead and/or diseased. It could be dangerous to your family or the cause of a possible liability lawsuit if it’s not in good health. Or you might have a landscaping project and need more space. Let our experts assess your situation and plan the best method for removal.
Tree Pruning in Camden County, NJ

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Give your tree the best chance to grow tall and strong by eliminating weak/bunched limbs. We know how to handle all types of tree varieties and you can trust our professional touch.
Stump Grinding in Camden County, NJ

Stump Grinding

Have an ugly stump that you want to turn into high-quality mulch to restore your yard’s beauty? We will safely and swiftly grind your tree stump using the best equipment available.
Dead wood clean-up

Dead Wood Cleanup

We can tell you from experience that you don’t want to chance a dead tree branch falling onto your home or property! We can identify and remove and dead wood from your biggest trees.

Commercial Management

We handle large commercial land clearing contracts, and tree maintenance for your business or organization on a recurring basis. This includes golf course management, churches, school districts, small businesses, shopping centers and many more.

Cabling & Bracing

If you have large tree limbs with a weak connection, we can support them through cabling and bracing. These are methods to help a tree continue to grow instead of removing it.

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