Northern Red Oak: The State Tree of New Jersey

Dec 30, 2020 | Tree Tips

The leaves have fallen from their branches, acorns have scattered as far as the eye can see. As autumn sways toward winter and it goes dormant, now may be the ideal time to trim that large looming oak tree.

Towering high above our homes, Oaks are broken down into red and white varieties. New Jersey has designated the Northern Red Oak as its state tree. So, when one is rooted in your residence, it shows a stately pride.

Nevertheless, these grand works of nature need manicuring from time to time. Their formidable stature forecasts that it’s a job best suited for a time-tested professional like those at B&B Tree Service.

So before the burden of a heavy snowstorm makes them susceptible to a snapped limb, call us now and set up a tree trimming at our special winter rates!

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Tree removal is not a job that most South Jersey homeowners want to take on themselves. And for a good reason - DIY is very dangerous! That's why you should leave it to the tree removal experts and professionals from B&B Tree Service.

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Tree trimming & pruning are essential as the years go by to keep your tree strong and vibrant looking on your South Jersey home property. With our top-of-the-line tools and 30+ years of knowledge, our tree trimmer at B&B Tree Service will make this job easy for you.

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Whether you are going through the tree removal process right now or you have an existing tree stump on your property, we have the best equipment in the industry. We'll grind your stump both for safety and to perfect your landscape.

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