Is Your NJ Property Prepared for Hurricane Season?

Sep 6, 2020 | Tree Damage, Tree Safety

Precaution and preparation are things that aren’t urgent in the short term. However, the alternative of procrastination may prove costly in the long run.

This concept applies across the board of your activities. Maintenance is viewed as a luxury when things are running smoothly. So, you often push the limits.

Why get your engine tuned up when it’s reliable and consistent?

The problem with the logic of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is that we don’t decide when things break. Maybe you work from home, and your car doesn’t start on a lazy Sunday afternoon when you want to take a drive. Of course, it is inconvenient, but something you can workaround.

However, what if it happens on a day when you have something important planned like a family event, work meeting, or job interview? The logic that we tend to ignore is regular upkeep prevents major issues that save both financially and mentally.

When a storm is about to hit, and the wind kicks up, you often notice how a tree sways rather aggressively near power lines, and you hope that it’s stable enough not to fall. Every day you see the branches that hang over your driveway or roof as you park your car, and think they’re a little too close for comfort.

Are you going to fix it or wait until a limb breaks?

We can’t predict how an individual storm will impact you and your property. However, we know that preparedness by getting in touch with a South Jersey tree service professional will relieve some of the stress when a storm is on the horizon.

Call us today, and worry a little bit less about what the weather is like tomorrow!

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