How to Manage Neighbors’ Trees on Your Property

Oct 18, 2023 | Tree Safety, Tree Tips

When it comes to tree removal, the process can be complicated significantly when a tree’s branches or roots extend to or from a neighbor’s property. As a responsible tree service company, we understand that maintaining positive neighborly relations is essential.

Here are some vital aspects to consider and discuss when contemplating removing a tree that crosses property lines.

Understanding Shared Ownership — Before embarking on any tree removal project, it’s crucial to determine who owns the tree. Neighbors typically share ownership and decision-making if it’s officially on the boundary between two properties. Be sure to engage with your neighbor in these cases, discussing the reasons for removal and any potential hazards associated with the tree.

Sharing Costs and Responsibilities — Tree removal can be costly, so deciding how to split the expenses is a significant aspect of your conversation with your neighbor. Typically, costs are shared proportionately based on the tree’s condition and potential risk. Clarifying financial responsibilities in advance helps prevent misunderstandings later.

Discussing Tree Health and Hazard — Open and transparent communication is vital when a tree poses a danger to your property or your neighbor. Discuss the tree’s health, the reasons for its removal, and any potential risks it may pose. Assessing the tree’s condition with a certified arborist can provide valuable insights.

Review Local Laws — Familiarize yourself with local regulations and laws that pertain to tree removal, particularly for trees that cross property lines. Sometimes, you may require a written agreement with your neighbor before proceeding.

Document the Deal — Once you and your neighbor have reached an agreement, it’s essential to document it in writing. This agreement should outline the responsibilities of each party, cost-sharing details, and the timeline for tree removal.

Selecting a Professional Tree Service — Choose a reputable and experienced company to ensure the process goes smoothly. They can handle the legal requirements, manage logistics, and, most importantly, ensure the tree removal process goes smoothly without causing further issues between you and your neighbor.

Open and honest communication is the key to maintaining positive relationships with neighbors regarding boundary trees and tree removal. Addressing ownership, responsibilities, tree health, and legal requirements ensures a comprehensive process that benefits everyone involved.

Don’t hesitate to contact an experienced professional like B&B Tree Service to guide you through the process, ensuring the job is done to the satisfaction of all parties!

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