How Often Should You Water Trees During Summer?

Jul 7, 2021 | Landscaping, Tree Tips

The calendar declares it’s officially summer, and like the flip of a switch, the heat is on. Hydration is crucial to counter the effects of increased temperatures on our bodies. Vegetation, plants, shrubs, and trees need proper watering to maintain growth and health, too.

However, the big questions are when, how much, and how often?

Best Time of Day for Watering

To allow for ideal absorption, it’s best to water at opposing times to peak sunshine hours, which translates to later evening and early morning.

How Much Water Do Trees Need?

Varieties of plants each need their specific watering schedules. However, a general rule of thumb is that plants need more or less water depending on the depth of their roots. Generally speaking, older plants have deeper complex root systems, while younger plants have shallow roots that are closer to the surface.

Watering Schedule

You should avoid daily light watering because it won’t promote deep-root growth.

Noting the moisture levels of the upper soil (6 to 12 inches) is a solid indicator of whether watering is necessary and will fluctuate depending on the frequency and quantity of precipitation.

Target the Plant’s Roots

While watering should be roots-targeted, it should avoid leaving moisture on leaves which could promote disease. So while leaves may have a yellow or wilted appearance, the solution is often indirect moisture provided to the roots.

If you’re still uncertain of how to approach watering, or if you would like an experienced professional’s opinion on how to care for your trees during the summer, contact South Jersey’s top tree service company.

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