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At first glance, the multi-colored dotted wings look like a natural gift akin to a butterfly variety. However, once you learn about the spotted lanternfly, you’ll realize that despite its pleasant appearance, its presence isn’t welcome or appreciated on your property.

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The aftermath of a severe storm can leave your home’s trees in tatters. It’s crucial to assess the damage accurately during the cleanup. Separate what needs scrapping from what is salvageable.

Below, we’ll discuss the determining factors used to differentiate what stays and what goes.

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Warmer weather naturally draws you outdoors. Building, camping, gardening, hiking are all activities that thrive with more sunlight.

Conversely, shorter cooler days of the year draw us indoors toward more comfortable conditions. A similar circumstance applies to animals that reside in trees. When the winter arrives, these same animals may seek food and shelter.

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The leaves have fallen from their branches, acorns have scattered as far as the eye can see. As autumn sways toward winter and it goes dormant, now may be the ideal time to trim that large looming oak tree.

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Clocks are falling back, sunlight is scarce, and as a result, temperatures are tapering. Unfortunately, the list of outdoor tasks you hoped to complete may still be unfinished.

While the conditions are trending in the wrong direction and the shift from outdoor to indoor life is in full swing, now is the best time to get those projects finished with better fall and winter rates.

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Precaution and preparation are things that aren’t urgent in the short term. However, the alternative of procrastination may prove costly in the long run.

This concept applies across the board of your activities. Maintenance is viewed as a luxury when things are running smoothly. So, you often push the limits.

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A friend of mine has a tree that hangs over the roof of his shed. Another has one whose branches hang out like a giant’s hands over the deck attached to the back of his house.

In similar, separate moments while relaxing in these yards, both have casually mentioned the need or desire to have these living statues trimmed or removed.

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The sun seems to show itself less often as the colder temperatures of the winter season take a grip. The chill means you spend more time in the comfortable confines of your home, causing some frustration.

The weather holding you hostage is one thing. However, it is simultaneously wreaking havoc in another way with the damages and dangers it can inflict. As the impending storms approach and the deep freeze sets in, here are a few things to consider regarding your trees:

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