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Planting Trees in the Fall

In September, the heat remains from summer. However, gradually, the temperatures begin to temper.

Those slightly more comfortable cooler mornings and evenings offer some relief serving as a preview into the milder days of autumn ahead.

The fall is an ideal time to plan and prepare your outdoor property, including planting or transplanting trees.

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Whether tending a vegetable garden is a part of your warm-weather tradition or a new hobby you’ve recently adopted, the harvest is quite literally the fruits of your labor, the carrot that’s dangled in front of your eyes.

Consuming meals made with fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables from right outside one’s window is rewarding on many levels.

However, what happens if one’s harvest disappoints?

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The calendar declares it’s officially summer, and like the flip of a switch, the heat is on. Hydration is crucial to counter the effects of increased temperatures on our bodies. Vegetation, plants, shrubs, and trees need proper watering to maintain growth and health, too.

However, the big questions are when, how much, and how often?

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Plant the Seed Now So It Can Grow

The magnitude of a project can become the seed of procrastination. Whether you want to start a new exercise routine, augment your diet, or change your career, the problem is the longer you put off the process, the more daunting it will appear. However, the reality is that pushing off the problem doesn’t make it go away.

Enter your exterior property.

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The last elements of cold weather appear to be the rearview mirror. Now spring has officially arrived in all its glory, ushering in warmer days and longer nights.

We collectively look forward to migrating outdoors, firing up the grill, and enjoying the benefits of fresh air. However, before you send out that invite or assemble that grocery list, you may want to reintroduce yourself to your yard.

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Spring cleaning begins inside your home. However, to achieve its full rejuvenating qualities, that process should extend outdoors.

In most circumstances, it’s best to survey the landscape before taking any action. Now that the weather is trending in a warm direction, the initial assessment can take place.

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At first glance, the multi-colored dotted wings look like a natural gift akin to a butterfly variety. However, once you learn about the spotted lanternfly, you’ll realize that despite its pleasant appearance, its presence isn’t welcome or appreciated on your property.

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The aftermath of a severe storm can leave your home’s trees in tatters. It’s crucial to assess the damage accurately during the cleanup. Separate what needs scrapping from what is salvageable.

Below, we’ll discuss the determining factors used to differentiate what stays and what goes.

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Warmer weather naturally draws you outdoors. Building, camping, gardening, hiking are all activities that thrive with more sunlight.

Conversely, shorter cooler days of the year draw us indoors toward more comfortable conditions. A similar circumstance applies to animals that reside in trees. When the winter arrives, these same animals may seek food and shelter.

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The leaves have fallen from their branches, acorns have scattered as far as the eye can see. As autumn sways toward winter and it goes dormant, now may be the ideal time to trim that large looming oak tree.

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