Animals Move from Tree to House in the Winter

Jan 6, 2021 | Landscaping, Tree Tips

Warmer weather naturally draws you outdoors. Building, camping, gardening, hiking are all activities that thrive with more sunlight.

Conversely, shorter cooler days of the year draw us indoors toward more comfortable conditions. A similar circumstance applies to animals that reside in trees. When the winter arrives, these same animals may seek food and shelter.

Animals will attempt to adapt to the circumstances. If the eaves to your roof aren’t properly enclosed, animals may use insulation and other materials to create a nest. Especially in the dreary and dire days of winter, these animals will attempt to drift toward heat sources like the dryer exhaust and furnaces if accessible.

Individuals with good intentions have built enclosures in their yards, which seem like a good deed. However, the result is an altered ecosystem that doesn’t positively affect the animals or neighborhood. Seeking shelter is natural, as is wanting to be helpful.

However, there is a fine line between accepting nature and feeling safe and comfortable. With this in mind, it may be a necessary precaution to trim your trees and manicure your landscaping around your home to limit accessibility. Doing so may force animals to seek shelter away from your home, protecting it from their damage.

If you are concerned about previous or potential issues, please contact B&B Tree Service, and we’ll discuss your situation and determine how we can help.

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