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6 Things to Consider About Trees During Winter Snow Storms & Wind

The sun seems to show itself less often as the colder temperatures of the winter season take a grip. The chill means you spend more time in the comfortable confines of your home, causing some frustration.

The weather holding you hostage is one thing. However, it is simultaneously wreaking havoc in another way with the damages and dangers it can inflict. As the impending storms approach and the deep freeze sets in, here are a few things to consider regarding your trees:

  • Having shed their leaves, a tree’s structural backbone and integrity are more visible, creating a prime opportunity for shaping and trimming.
  • It’s best to be proactive and avoid the pitfalls of weakened or dead limbs or branches causing damage due to heavy precipitation or gusting winds.
  • Milder winters may resemble a reprieve, but can this can create vulnerabilities if the temperature drops drastically
  • Roots are best protected from excessive cold when covered by mulch, leaves, etc.
  • While it is an excellent aid in avoiding ice build-up, salt can have damaging effects on tree roots and branches.
  • Animals and insects will look toward tree bark as a source of sustenance in bleaker winters. This exposure can cause severe tree damage, which then makes the tree a liability or hazard.

As we all buckle in for what this winter season has to offer, look around your property and take note of any potential problem areas.

Do your best to address what you can handle. When you need a professional tree service company to handle the bigger jobs, call us and we are happy to help!

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